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I am a conservationist with a special interest in insects, wildflower meadows and tropical rainforests.

My passion for insects was sparked during my Wildlife Conservation degree in Plymouth where I spent hours on end looking down a microscope, meticulously drawing various (non)creepy crawlies. A lucky coincidence brought me to the Natural History Museum in London where I did my industrial placement and shortly after that got employed as their Curatorial and Entomological Research Assistant for several years. 

light-trapping in Papua Ne Guinea, Wanang research station, photo by Tim Cockerill
Beetle collection at the Natural History Museum in London, photo by Jonathan Pow

Here I became proficient in insect identification and preparation and took part in expeditions across Asia and Africa where I collected insects for the museum and even discovered two new species (see here)! After a few amazing years at the museum I decided to enrol on Ecology and Environmental Management degree in York and pursued my other real passion - academic research and conservation.  

Because I couldn't get enough of constant sweatiness, malaria-ridden mosquitos and leeches, my rainforest checklist grew and I added places like Papua New Guinea where I did my Masters thesis on tropical food chains and more recently Madagascar, where I worked with a charity SEED Madagascar as their Research Programme Coordinator and camped for 9 months in a very rare littoral forest habitat. 


You can see some amazing wildlife and culture from these places in my gallery.

Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar, photo by Tim Cockerill

Since then, I worked with a number of conservation charities in the UK: 


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